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Some people love children and don’t have them. Some people have children and don’t like the work that comes with it. I have to say it’s the hardest job that I enjoy, but the surprises I don’t like. The surprises, are the part we aren’t ready for. This morning I woke up to my cute 3 yearold, who had a smile, a cuddle and butterscotch pudding breath. Hmm… We found out he raided the refrigerator and ate as many butterscotch pudding cups as he could. Man was Daddy upset they were his snacks.

Fridge RAID 2010: Only the beginning. In time-out eating his Raisin bread dipped in Yogurt.

It’s so funny how some daddy’s don’t think something is a “big deal” unless it’s involved with something of theirs. So he yells “That’s IT we need a new LOCK!” He-llOOOOoo, that’s what I’ve been sayin’. So, we’re on the hunt for a better refrigerator lock, because the last one we had on the fridge the little guy figured it out last year in a week. NO exaggeration. I never thought I had to say this, but “I need to LOCK my fridge with a really good lock”. At least, until he understands, why I have bananas, and apples on the counter.

Life Lesson

If there is anything that children can teach us, it is to NEVER GIVE UP. Babies learn to crawl, to stand, to hold on, and start walking with one step, and then two steps, and so on. It’s all cute, when they are small and lumpy, at least until they are sprinting with sharp object. ANYWAY, parenting, work, exercise, new eating habits, starting something new, learning something that is NEW to YOU is all the same, try, and try again. Then practice and practice again. It’ll dawn on you how great you’re doing when you realize you are enjoying it. Whatever “it” is.

Let me know if you have fridge diving toddler. What was your solution?


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