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Who is going to read your blog today? Whose blog did you read? Sounds a lot like,”Tell me who you walk with, and I will tell you who you are”.  Are you “plug-in worthy”? When you ask yourself this question… answer it honestly, because it is important to take responsibility for your energy– even in writing.

Power of the pen/pencil and paper

Hey, I know pen and paper is “old school”, you have a smart phone/tool, USE IT. I can’t say it enough- WRITE down what you want! Write down your vision. Write down all your ideas! Keep a small notebook handy. Everything is born small and then grows with daily stretches. So let’s pretend that you have lived a long life, and you are reading about your legacy, what will it be? Write it down! How incredible is it the day you look back at your notes and you have reached those goals and MORE?

Really think about it (but not too long)

Give yourself a timeline and expectation of the goal of your post? Is it ethical? Can you live with it? Will you need or want pictures? What’s your Return on Investment (ROI)? Is it fulfilling the purpose you set out? Is it building up or tearing down? Is it for you or someone else, or is it both? Get focused. Find out what is the energy you are using. Be open to feedback, because that is how you will know if your goals are being accomplished. What are you plugging into? What are you allowing yourself to be plugged into or being surrounded with? What feedback are you allowing to influence you? Are you happy with it? Ensure you accomplish something you can be happy with. Speed and accuracy comes with practice.

Be projection-conscious. Don’t ever forget boundaries

Ya’ll have got to remember, that everything we do has margins. These social behaviors are what allow us to co-exist. We can say things without harming or singling out others to get our point across. I totally “get it” that we can’t please everyone, but we don’t have to be hurtful either. Carloyn Myss[i] once said that “the mind can lie to the heart”. So get your focus ON, and clarify your statements.

Clear it up before you PUBLISH

Regardless, we aren’t all scientists, or doctors, we are made and surrounded by energy. If you don’t believe it, then you might as well give up everything you’ve got and go live in a cave. We all generate and put out energy, but more importantly we ought to be aware at all times of our physical, as well as non-physical energy.

BUT how do I do that?

Accept your fears, for what they are- concerns. Accept the present, so you can live life to the fullest.

Write it down, and read it out loud as if someone else handed it to you. By the way, don’t play the blame game.

Re-clarify honestly.  When in doubt get someone to proof-read your challenge; if necessary, rebuild for complete honesty.  And if you didn’t before try it again

“Accept the present, so you can live life to the fullest” NOW. When it comes down to it, all being that communicates such as novelists, playwrights, journalists, editors, radio hosts, comedians, commentators, and bloggers want to be heard. If you want to be heard, be responsible for your energy. Pull up a chair, and build the blog you have always wanted and create the posts everyone will read.

Like my friend Maria D says “Am just sayin…”

[i] Reference: Carolyn Myss- Energy anatomy.


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