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Recently, I was mistreated, and even though the fault was not mine, I had to take care of business and rectify the situation. So stay cool and don’t lose your mind. Just take a breath and follow your steps, and be confident, respectful and don’t read too much into their emotions and words. Just keep track of what is said and write everything down in person.Then read it back, you will get their attention. 🙂

I guess I was more mad at the fact that my boy was (wrongfully) kicked out of daycare, and money was taken, deducted from my deposit and no one would even talk to me about it. I was upset, yet I knew I had not done any wrong as I was accused. BUT the daycare would not refund me the wrongfully charged $50, as published in http://wp.me/p1hRO1-9w. But now who cares right? I got my $50 bucks and all because of my soft skills and grace. Mostly, because I had done everything correctly.

It’s funny how you can live your life, be as honest as possible and still be accused of dishonesty, and then by luck your opponent in the drama is full of pride, and never admit they are wrong. I learned in working in the corporate world by a high up V.P. “you can’t fix dumb”. The situation that he meant this for was a situation where people made quick and bad choices that affected a segment in their near future. As in this case.

Basically,  I was accused of bouncing a check. I called the daycare when I learned from the bank that the check was never presented to them. Nothing showed for the request to cash the check in question. The good news about this is that my check writing record is still in excellent condition, right? Right. But the bad thing is…the daycare owner kept saying “that’s your problem, not mine. You have to deal with it.” I can’t tell you how disrespectful that is and feels. Usually the problem is of the person that writes the check, but the check wasn’t presented to my bank. Anyway, I wasn’t getting ANY response from them, I felt ignored. So I used the information from the back of the copied check in question that was sent from her bank to her. She didn’t even share with me her bank name, but I am no fool, I can see the Bank STAMP. I informed them the embarrassing situation and as soon as they confirmed that it was a scanner at their bank that made the mistake, I requested a letter of explanation sent to me, and in it I received a letter of apology. I had requested that the bank call her and also send her this information and they did. A several days later I received a money order in the mail from the daycare.

I heard this phrase “when you know better, you do better.” And you may ask “What about people that just don’t get it?” My advice is … Excuse yourself, and walk away. If they are that bad of people they don’t deserve any energy from you. And forgive them, cause you can’t fix people.

Have a fruitful day everyone!


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