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B.S. Detector

I believe this year, like every four we are going to find out who is truthful and who is not. Recently, our neighbors and people in the media have jumped back into “politics”. For years I didn’t quite understand what it really really meant, and I am still not interested in discussing politics. Not because I don’t know enough, but mostly because I do know, and what I am seeing and hearing.

I used to admire people that were able to talk to anyone, and if they knew about all subjects and everything I was really impressed. Our politicians in the current presidential race, are people that are knowledgeable, and know how to “deliver” a message. Yet, there is a lot of witch hunting and “defending values” going on. Yet, I am not impressed, and I am including our current chief of staff.

Recently, I had received an invitation to an event for which I am really not fond of. I detected  the feeling of a lie in our conversation and then caught them in it and asked them to be truthful next time. That left me with an awful feeling of the friendship, because it was what I call “a lie of selfishness”.  Then I thought “hey, none of us are 100% truthful, not even with ourselves.” This is what had me think of all of this including New Years resolutions.

It is not uncommon that New years resolutions last for a few weeks. Even though the definition is “The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination. and  A course of action determined or decided on.” If you care to look around this year and sometimes in the mirror, and figure out who is true themselves with regard to their New Years resolution. Why? Because it leads to the question are they people of their word? Or is it that they do not understand completely the concept of a person that their word is their honor.

You see, many people make these commitments to resolve an issue and meet a personal goal. A PERSONAL GOAL. Did I say a commitment of a personal goal? The point in making here is the yearly “resolution artists” are treating it like a “wish”. I think it would be funny to call it the New Years Trying-hard-at-best, instead of a New Years resolution.

The past has passed. I dare you not to chicken-out on yourself. Make a new resolution on your word, to commit to your commitment. To be even more firm on your firm determination, to stop your negatives, to stop listening to your Sgt. Ego, because you are good enough. To start listening to your values and be brave to stick up for them in a respectful manner. Resolve to be kinder to yourself, so that you can be the kindest to others. Be happy for others, so that you can be happy for yourself. Resolve with yourself that you will  treat others as well as yourself, as if- they are the most important individual in your life. And without a doubt, you will look in the mirror- and detect your own truth.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Definitions found on http://www.thefreedictionary.com.


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This time of year so… classic. I await not material gifts, but memorable gifts. It is the time of year that is darkest in light, yet bright in spirit. I sometimes wonder if the people realize that we create it.

We are surrounded by energy. Our galaxy, our planet, our environment, our bodies, our thoughts are energy generated. This is, as well can be “the most wonderful time of the year”, But why not realize that everyday, every hour , minute, and second, it can be the most we can make it?

When we least have, we can give the most. If it is your time to listen, talk or do for an other, then it is giving. The time that you least want for yourself, the time that you least buy for your self, and the least do for yourself and turn the table to do all this for another can and will be your best feeling, your best experience, your greatest lesson of humanity. You can help someone be happy in the darkest days of the season. Help them forget the time of day, help them forget the hungriest moment, help them forget a time of need, and replace it with joy and smiles they cannot wipe away.

2 weeks ago I “observed a German shepherd attacking 2 ducks in Groton, MA. I had my 2 boys and a friends dog I was taking care of. I saw it in a blink of an eye a few feathers and the 2nd duck attacking the German Shepherd. Cars drove by honking at me for doing such a quick stop.

I park in front the closes house to the left and get out to my surprise raising my arms as a bear and roaring “get away”, but on the other side of the car. The dog to my amazement ran away.  I saw the white duck lie flat on the ground. I thought it was dead and my hear t cracked with pain, the 2nd duck ran away sort of flying. As I approach, the seemingly dead bird, tries to get up and getaway but it was badly hurt and couldn’t.

So, I go the closest house that had a picket fence and barn, I thought “Hey! They must have livestock and ducks as pets there.” As I knock and knock, no one comes out. EXCEPT, the German shepherd that comes around the corner. As I step down their stairs with a bit of fear and anger, and yell “ANY ONE HOME!” to the top of my lungs, the dog comes charging and barking, and I yelled like I didn’t know I could. BUT I thought “gosh, this dog wants more to attack”. Nope, not really.  This dog did know a wrong was done. And the dog sheepishly went back to the picket fence to stare in. I called Groton Police, who showed within minutes.

Between the call and them arriving, I had gone back to my car to reassure my boys I was fine and I also realized I couldn’t get into the car for “dog cover” because I didn’t know how my friends dog in the car would react to a white duck in my arms, AND my kids noise IN the car. So, I started walking back, and when cruiser parked in the entrance, that is when the picket fence owner came out. The dog was gone, hmm.

I immediately ask “do you own livestock, chickens or ducks?” “No.” She says.   “Do you own a German Shepherd?” I ask. “Yes” She says. The police officer asks “where is it? ” “In the barn” she says. Annoyed, I say “It wasn’t a few minutes ago!” “he tried attacking me, am not sure if he bites, ya know? I was afraid of putting down the bird and afraid for me.”

She stated “Oh my neighbor is gonna freak out.” I said “Yes, she will if they are pets.” I realize a lot of time has passed, and I have  an appointment.”  so I excuse myself and put the poor duck down. My heart cracked again, wondering what was to become of someones pet duck. I wondered if I made another mistake of helping a wild animal that was going to die anyways , but I felt that it wasn’t wrong, because it wasn’t wild. I wondered if I made a bad decision of using tax payers money to save what some would consider ” just an animal”. And if it was worth having been pooped on by a duck. 🙂 I moved forward in thinking, and decided everything will be fine. I had the authorities involved and trusted the woman’s’ honor, so things would take care of themselves.

The next day I stopped by, hoping the dog wasn’t around, I went to the home I had not knocked on, the home of the owner of the ducks. I learned their names, Lilly and Annie. A sense of relief came over me. The ducks both had Surgery for puncture wounds and 1 for a broken femur. And the neighbors were in good standing. No lawsuits, no anger between them, but forgiveness.  Again another sense of relief for humanity.

Later, I received a call from Sandy, the owner. I can hear in her message an awkward happiness and gratitude. She said “I am just amazed and happy there are people like you in this world.”  All I can think of is, “I- am amazed, too. I just observed and reported.” 🙂

Merry Christmas Lilly and Annie!

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Who is going to read your blog today? Whose blog did you read? Sounds a lot like,”Tell me who you walk with, and I will tell you who you are”.  Are you “plug-in worthy”? When you ask yourself this question… answer it honestly, because it is important to take responsibility for your energy– even in writing.

Power of the pen/pencil and paper

Hey, I know pen and paper is “old school”, you have a smart phone/tool, USE IT. I can’t say it enough- WRITE down what you want! Write down your vision. Write down all your ideas! Keep a small notebook handy. Everything is born small and then grows with daily stretches. So let’s pretend that you have lived a long life, and you are reading about your legacy, what will it be? Write it down! How incredible is it the day you look back at your notes and you have reached those goals and MORE?

Really think about it (but not too long)

Give yourself a timeline and expectation of the goal of your post? Is it ethical? Can you live with it? Will you need or want pictures? What’s your Return on Investment (ROI)? Is it fulfilling the purpose you set out? Is it building up or tearing down? Is it for you or someone else, or is it both? Get focused. Find out what is the energy you are using. Be open to feedback, because that is how you will know if your goals are being accomplished. What are you plugging into? What are you allowing yourself to be plugged into or being surrounded with? What feedback are you allowing to influence you? Are you happy with it? Ensure you accomplish something you can be happy with. Speed and accuracy comes with practice.

Be projection-conscious. Don’t ever forget boundaries

Ya’ll have got to remember, that everything we do has margins. These social behaviors are what allow us to co-exist. We can say things without harming or singling out others to get our point across. I totally “get it” that we can’t please everyone, but we don’t have to be hurtful either. Carloyn Myss[i] once said that “the mind can lie to the heart”. So get your focus ON, and clarify your statements.

Clear it up before you PUBLISH

Regardless, we aren’t all scientists, or doctors, we are made and surrounded by energy. If you don’t believe it, then you might as well give up everything you’ve got and go live in a cave. We all generate and put out energy, but more importantly we ought to be aware at all times of our physical, as well as non-physical energy.

BUT how do I do that?

Accept your fears, for what they are- concerns. Accept the present, so you can live life to the fullest.

Write it down, and read it out loud as if someone else handed it to you. By the way, don’t play the blame game.

Re-clarify honestly.  When in doubt get someone to proof-read your challenge; if necessary, rebuild for complete honesty.  And if you didn’t before try it again

“Accept the present, so you can live life to the fullest” NOW. When it comes down to it, all being that communicates such as novelists, playwrights, journalists, editors, radio hosts, comedians, commentators, and bloggers want to be heard. If you want to be heard, be responsible for your energy. Pull up a chair, and build the blog you have always wanted and create the posts everyone will read.

Like my friend Maria D says “Am just sayin…”

[i] Reference: Carolyn Myss- Energy anatomy.

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It’s funny how hard we try not to be like our parents, when they only want the best for us. It is a complicated mix of love and dislike of the ambition of another human. The other human is often anyone. ie, from our parents, a family member, a friend, or another person within our social circle. It is a never ending adventure of identity and fantasy. I find if you don’t fight it you can grow to understand more than you expected of the moment and even understand and find compassion in others, as well as, for others. It’s like apple tree growing, you can let it grow and find out later if it’s sour, bitter or sweet.  Grafting is what invitro sounds like to me. So cross-pollination seems is the closest metaphor I am thinking in terms of molding the self. The hardships learned in life are the sunny days, the rainy days, rough winds, the drought seasons, and the animals that come to you for your leaves, or scratch their back, or even build a nest. They don’t mean much by it, they are just doing what natural comes to them. Naturally, we can only give what we can of ourselves. Too much- is way too much to the point that is harmfuln to both parties.

Anyway, I see my little ones growing every day, changing their minds of what they want to be when they grow up. I don’t want to control their ambitions, but I do want to influence them in a positive way. That was all I think we could use while growing up. And we never stop growing up, we just grow in age. When you hear someones, child or adult say “I would like to…”, “I want to”, I wish I could…”, don’t tell them they are too old, not smart, too late in life, or just plain can’t for your reasons; try to be the friend or family member that tells them that “they can accomplish anything they put their mind to it”.  Let them tell you their dreams, no matter how ridiculous they are. The harder it is to not laugh of their dreams, the more you ought to respect it and support them. There are plenty of human beings that have made it today after many told them they couldn’t. All it took was one person that said “Good for you!” and “You can”.


 The apple can fall close to the tree, but the seed can be taken miles away by something other.

The apple can fall farther from the tree.How?

The larger the tree grows, the farther an apple falls.

Can it fall from the tree, ofcourse.

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I am here in class for Server 2008, which is extremely boring and inandated with information. So I cannot deviate and I need to focus, but someone mentions Dilbert and where do I go? Right to the page  that cracked me up and reminded me more that we don’t really grow up. That our childlike persona is still there year after year, putting images of funnies in our mind. I think this is why I see seniors laughing by themselves sometimes, and they are alone.  

We have people that come into our office and say the most tempting things, phrases that leave you with the feeling of wanting to test it for yourself when they beg and make a ridiculous, dramatic comment. And I mean when they beg for help they use words  like ” I can’t stand it? “, I ask “how bad?”, “This is so terrible, I am going to poke my eye out?”, and I ask “How will you get home?”, or “MY brain is about to burst if I hear [be proactive not reactive] again”. And guess what? Yes, I would be that person from over the cubicle wall that would say it, and then run. Partly, like a child, I want to see their reaction. I just wanna see if its true. And the other part of me wants to show them that no they won’t loose it, poke their eye out, or that grey matter won’t spill out their ears.

So get up, walk around the building, or do some stretches. Then, read some Dilbert. 🙂  

Here is todays Dilbert for your enjoyment from Dilbert.com.


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Hey World!

This week I am rediscovering what positive thinking is. And I realized that it’s not about wishful thinking. I heard someone compare wishful thinking to standing outside by your garden and closing your eyes and saying “there are no weeds, there are no weeds, there are no weeds…” That isn’t what I mean. I mean believe in the good possibilties. Be aware of the bad ones, but believe in the good. Things are going to happen, and your belief level may get a kick in the teeth from time to time by negative thoughts that to me are like tabloid headlines. What we must do is, keep walking and not give it the importance you think it needs.

Example story. This past weekend I had a scare with my 2 year old.  Without providing too many details, my little guy grabbed the last of the cough syrup and drank it. Luckily it wasn’t alot. But it was enough to have the hospital sedate him and flighted him to Pediatric ICU to watch him overnite. So as you see, we can be tested in the most challenging times in our lives.  He woke up the next day happy with all the attention he was getting from all the cute nurses. I am glad that my baby is well. God Bless him and all of our families, yours and mine. I am grateful for what we already have, because it certainly is good enough. Well, I was feeling better again, and in a learning hospital or big hospitals, there are many student doctors coming in, nurses checking on him, a social worker that follows up with you (they do this with all children overdoses), and 4 more doctors do their rounds and talk to you, and each and everyone of them are simply reminding you of the obvious “keep dangerous things locked and away from children”. But every now and then, there is this little thought that pops in saying negative things, such as “Why did it happen? I can’t believe I let this happen” and “who the hell does she think she is talking to ME that way?”  and even a thought that you aren’t a good parent. Well its all bullswax, and tabloids. Even nature has it’s mistakes, it cannot be perfect 100% of the time. And it must move on and not dwell on it.

I am lately having  an impulse of gratefulness. And I want to share the following with you. 

Keep believing in the good energy of this world and how it can benefit you. Thanking the lord, Jehovah, buddha, your Gods, the trees, the sun, the wind, or Yourself, it doesn’t matter! Be grateful for the experience. Just be thankful for your biological, non-biological family, or your community family. Because you’ve been blessed with a better scenario of life than the scenario we are afraid of in our minds.  We worry uselessly about these scary scenarios that sometimes don’t even happen.

Negative energy can paralyze you from reaching your dreams and goals and they can paralyze and drain the energy out of those around you whether you care about them or not. If you think you aren’t “projecting”, wake up and smell the toast burning! It’s too much negative energy that can cause you to be sick. This is when your energy is lowest and your body is stressed. Have you ever heard of someone getting so sick from working too much, or worrying too much? Well this is what I mean. There are medical terms for everything!You are giving your body a command, just like a computer. You are harming your body by choosing to be unhappy, or allowing yourself to stay unhappy. In that down state you can protect your body, and you allow the dormant bad DNA that is within you to be activated. And whether you believe it , know it, or not someone cares or values you too much to see you get sick.

You have been a very good example to someone in your life. It may have been with regards to perseverance, values, your actions, strength and faith in what you believe, meaning believing that you can do it. Because otherwise you would not have made it this far in this life of yours.

Don’t believe the bullhockey lies that pop in your head. Think of it as walking by the newsstand, and noticing the covers of the tabloid magazines.  There are key words and sentences, messages that stand out, right? Well, those are the negative thoughts in your head. Believe they are lies, and know that you can see yourself excelling. Close your eyes and VISUALIZE yourself bigger and better, emotionally intelligent, calm, graceful and fortunate with abundance. Because you believe it is true. And do it for you. Because you do love yourself and value yourself  as much as your God values you, which is bigger than this Universe.

 Recommendation for down times:

– Do excercise

– Drink water

– Go to the library and borrow a funny book, audiobook or movie.

– Go to a supportive positive family or friends house.

– Go to a fun group event.

– Do a good deed, such as volunteer work helping other beings.

– Work on a hobby.

– See a Doctor.

Don’t:  Get Sloshed, High, or hurt yourself or other beings.


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Welcome to my blog, Puerto Rican Movers. Puerto Rican Movers is so not what you may think it is. We are not modern gypsies! These words were iterated by a New Yorker in the middle of the night, with no rhyme or reason, which changed our families views of what is “perceived” and what is “real”. Bullying is not cool or right, so I share with you our way to disempower them today.

The Story
In the late 1970’s, my father was moving because my parents separating for the 1st time. So here we are my father, my siblings, and I walking at night with my dads personal stuff from his studio, back home in a shopping cart. We were in what I believe was Fairview, a german neighborhood in Brooklyn, N.Y. Picture this…My dad is not the ordinary hispanic looking man. He is fair skinned and he has beautiful ocean green eyes. He actually looks irish or italian. He sort of looked back then like Ray Liotta. Moving forward, due to the fact that my Dad is legally blind he could not drive and after using taxis to move the bigger stuff, he decided to put the remaining items in shopping cart and walk with us to the studio.

Ridgewood, NY

To make it short, there was a lady assisting this man that was drunk, he obviously needed help home. And he started saying some derogatory comments to us. He had to have recognized my dad from parent pickup at P.S. 88, because otherwise how else could he have known we were Puerto Rican in such a big city. Anyway, it wasn’t much my dad said back to him without swears (my dads style), and then all I remember was the drunk guy yelled out “You Puerto Rican Movers”. It was so loud it echoed in the quiet night. *Imaginary Tires sreech* we all looked at each other and laughed. Well, that was stupid. Since then, it has been a family reference for ignorance. I mean how stupid is being a hater without a cause. Even if it was a cause, it is nonsensical. What good would it do to hate, a misdirected emotion. And if you don’t know how to understand and manage that emotion you are of no good to society. So every now and then, you will hear this reference, but used as non-harmful way. Today we, the Puerto Rican Movers, don’t let ignorant people get to us. Instead we observe and report the obvious and laugh if it has something funny in it.

Keep in mind, the goal will be to hold a positive view to reflect on. I wish in this new year, 2011, this blog has something for you to marinate in and have some food for thought. Your positive comments are welcome. I endeavor to provide laughter, smiles, and positive thinking. Because laughter creates endorphines. Endorphines create happiness, and happy people do not have a bad attitude. I hope life brings you a new and positive attraction that will help you live life to its fullest. Pay it forward!


La Frau
(The American Puerto Rican Married to a German)

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