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This time of year so… classic. I await not material gifts, but memorable gifts. It is the time of year that is darkest in light, yet bright in spirit. I sometimes wonder if the people realize that we create it.

We are surrounded by energy. Our galaxy, our planet, our environment, our bodies, our thoughts are energy generated. This is, as well can be “the most wonderful time of the year”, But why not realize that everyday, every hour , minute, and second, it can be the most we can make it?

When we least have, we can give the most. If it is your time to listen, talk or do for an other, then it is giving. The time that you least want for yourself, the time that you least buy for your self, and the least do for yourself and turn the table to do all this for another can and will be your best feeling, your best experience, your greatest lesson of humanity. You can help someone be happy in the darkest days of the season. Help them forget the time of day, help them forget the hungriest moment, help them forget a time of need, and replace it with joy and smiles they cannot wipe away.

2 weeks ago I “observed a German shepherd attacking 2 ducks in Groton, MA. I had my 2 boys and a friends dog I was taking care of. I saw it in a blink of an eye a few feathers and the 2nd duck attacking the German Shepherd. Cars drove by honking at me for doing such a quick stop.

I park in front the closes house to the left and get out to my surprise raising my arms as a bear and roaring “get away”, but on the other side of the car. The dog to my amazement ran away.  I saw the white duck lie flat on the ground. I thought it was dead and my hear t cracked with pain, the 2nd duck ran away sort of flying. As I approach, the seemingly dead bird, tries to get up and getaway but it was badly hurt and couldn’t.

So, I go the closest house that had a picket fence and barn, I thought “Hey! They must have livestock and ducks as pets there.” As I knock and knock, no one comes out. EXCEPT, the German shepherd that comes around the corner. As I step down their stairs with a bit of fear and anger, and yell “ANY ONE HOME!” to the top of my lungs, the dog comes charging and barking, and I yelled like I didn’t know I could. BUT I thought “gosh, this dog wants more to attack”. Nope, not really.  This dog did know a wrong was done. And the dog sheepishly went back to the picket fence to stare in. I called Groton Police, who showed within minutes.

Between the call and them arriving, I had gone back to my car to reassure my boys I was fine and I also realized I couldn’t get into the car for “dog cover” because I didn’t know how my friends dog in the car would react to a white duck in my arms, AND my kids noise IN the car. So, I started walking back, and when cruiser parked in the entrance, that is when the picket fence owner came out. The dog was gone, hmm.

I immediately ask “do you own livestock, chickens or ducks?” “No.” She says.   “Do you own a German Shepherd?” I ask. “Yes” She says. The police officer asks “where is it? ” “In the barn” she says. Annoyed, I say “It wasn’t a few minutes ago!” “he tried attacking me, am not sure if he bites, ya know? I was afraid of putting down the bird and afraid for me.”

She stated “Oh my neighbor is gonna freak out.” I said “Yes, she will if they are pets.” I realize a lot of time has passed, and I have  an appointment.”  so I excuse myself and put the poor duck down. My heart cracked again, wondering what was to become of someones pet duck. I wondered if I made another mistake of helping a wild animal that was going to die anyways , but I felt that it wasn’t wrong, because it wasn’t wild. I wondered if I made a bad decision of using tax payers money to save what some would consider ” just an animal”. And if it was worth having been pooped on by a duck. 🙂 I moved forward in thinking, and decided everything will be fine. I had the authorities involved and trusted the woman’s’ honor, so things would take care of themselves.

The next day I stopped by, hoping the dog wasn’t around, I went to the home I had not knocked on, the home of the owner of the ducks. I learned their names, Lilly and Annie. A sense of relief came over me. The ducks both had Surgery for puncture wounds and 1 for a broken femur. And the neighbors were in good standing. No lawsuits, no anger between them, but forgiveness.  Again another sense of relief for humanity.

Later, I received a call from Sandy, the owner. I can hear in her message an awkward happiness and gratitude. She said “I am just amazed and happy there are people like you in this world.”  All I can think of is, “I- am amazed, too. I just observed and reported.” 🙂

Merry Christmas Lilly and Annie!


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