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Anybody remember “Deep thoughts  by Jack Handy” on SNL?  I liked the show for it’s random humor. I loved it unconditionally throughout my life. Jack Handy came up with his Deep thoughts that were random and completely messed up, as if someone was writing in their diary. They just either made me smile, but mostly shocked me and made me laugh a lot. So I took a liking to Random thoughts from my mother, co-workers who have a hard time keeping conversation. Some of these co-workers just popped out saying the strangest things that ought to be internal thoughts, but they seem to noy understand why, and they say them out loud. My thought process, as I write this, is that they may have thought “hey she’s just like me”, and that’s why they tell me things. But that’s besides the point. And if they did I hope I made them feel normal AND sexy, too. 😀

ANYways, … Sometimes, I see the internet that way too. Random forums, news, comedy, education, unecesarry pictures that I can’t erase from my memory, with just a button that says “Restore to latest configuration”.  It doesn’t matter what it is, “there is an app for that too.”

So here I am being resourceful and I look up the real purpose of the references, because someone told me today that references are not important. That they are just part of the process and tha’s why HR does it, still. IF you ave your thoughts on that topic great I want to hear it. BUT, I stumbled upon another site ‘Ace the Interview’ and noticed a tab called the Top 100 Questions and Answers. So, you guessed it! I clicked, and the first question, as random as it is says…

Question: “Describe a chicken using a programming language.”

If I got  aquestion like this, I would come up with my own, but I know I could not be serious as the interviewer, nor the people that came up with this:

Answer 1: -chicken is a function which takes argument as grain type and returns egg.

egg chicken(grain x);

Answer 2:A keyboard is placed in front of the cage. Every time a key is pecked a seed will eject. Initially, code will not compile.

However, if an infinite number of chickens peck away at the keyboards for an infinite amount of time, it is theorized that eventually the random pecking will produce an algorithm to finally prove which came first….

Answer 3-::chicken is a function which takes argument as grain type and returns egg.

::egg chicken(grain x);

I beg to differ…..

Chicken is a function which takes an argument as grain type and returns chicken shyt.

Answer 4:-It’s a trick question — chickens can’t program.”

The lastest one is a fact, it’s funny, and it is a good answer, according to the book “How Would You Move Mount Fuji? “. The hiring managers agenda is simple, they just wana see what makes you tick. 🙂

Keep It Simple Sam. 

Happy 1st day of Summer Everyone!


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