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I have been having such a good time this season. I have learned a lot and of many things that I would not have had time for, if I was working and doing what I did before.

I thought I was happy but I learned real quick that I wasn’t. I was tired, exhausted and burnt out. Now I have plenty of energy, I spend lots of time with family, my hobbies, learning at my pace and teaching others. Basically, paying it forward.

In the past month I have started a side career in the performing arts and my time is paying off in this field. I love it and am learning a lot. I am learning a lot from the big shots and when the project is “ripe” then I will give more information on it.

Looking back, this has only come together when I opened my thoughts to even more positive ones. Some really grateful thoughts. I began to catch myself in starting to feel sorry or pity and was able to change the gear into one that I had to relearn and visit more often. Just like anything else, it took time. Then things started to role in my favor. A bigger plan seems to be unrolling of bigger and better things. I didn’t believe it before. I had to see it to believe it. Now as my good friend Joel says. I believed first and then I saw it before me.

My friends, plugin to something bigger and better to your positive benefit. Time away from the negatives is essential. No one needs to tell you what they are, because YOU know what they are. Don’t ignore the white elephant in the room if there is one, or you have been approached about it more than 2 times about it.

It’s ok to be alone. Itsok if your friends that were not really that good are not with you. Sometimes we need new friends that will respect us the way we imagined we ought to be respected.

There is something better to come. It’s ok that you take time to hash things out. You will find new hobbies, or not, but you will work through them. And in no time, you too will have bigger and better times. Believe it. That is also a choice. Make it yours.

I wish you the best!

La Frau


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Giving the economy we will most likely see carpool clubs showing up on billboards at work. If there is anything I have learned from car pooling, it would have to be the don’ts that were done to me with many people. Remember “Do on to others…”


  • smoke in their car
  • speak loudly or too soft
  • touch the radio station unless asked to change it to your liking
  • bring in your home mixed CD
  • pick your nose with bare hands
  • clean your ears with a q-tip and leave it in their car
  • fling dried mucus (boogers) into their car
  • eat food that spills in the car
  • eat foods the person traveling with you is allergic to
  • smoke marijuana and then get into your car-pool buddies car
  • be late
  • get in the car half-dressed
  • not take a bath or brush your teeth
  • wear your clothes straight from the laundry basket
  • blame it on the wife/husband or kids
  • ask your car-pool buddy to end their day short just for you plan ahead
  • talk sex— at all!
  • or try not to cry and spill your guts to your buddy (you’ll gty the loss of a buddy)
  • plan the drive home full of perfect moments of photography
  • not be fair on how many times you drive, take fair turns
  • Steal someones lunch and then bring it in the car and claim you “got lucky”
  • invite yourself over to their homes (just because you are sharing a ride doesn’t mean you are BFF!)
  • not wear your seatbealt
  • critisize their driving, if you don’t like itheir driving just drive yourself to work

Those are just a few for you carpoolers thinking of carpooling for the first time. Some may have to do a CORI prior. 🙂

Be kind to one another!!

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It’s funny how hard we try not to be like our parents, when they only want the best for us. It is a complicated mix of love and dislike of the ambition of another human. The other human is often anyone. ie, from our parents, a family member, a friend, or another person within our social circle. It is a never ending adventure of identity and fantasy. I find if you don’t fight it you can grow to understand more than you expected of the moment and even understand and find compassion in others, as well as, for others. It’s like apple tree growing, you can let it grow and find out later if it’s sour, bitter or sweet.  Grafting is what invitro sounds like to me. So cross-pollination seems is the closest metaphor I am thinking in terms of molding the self. The hardships learned in life are the sunny days, the rainy days, rough winds, the drought seasons, and the animals that come to you for your leaves, or scratch their back, or even build a nest. They don’t mean much by it, they are just doing what natural comes to them. Naturally, we can only give what we can of ourselves. Too much- is way too much to the point that is harmfuln to both parties.

Anyway, I see my little ones growing every day, changing their minds of what they want to be when they grow up. I don’t want to control their ambitions, but I do want to influence them in a positive way. That was all I think we could use while growing up. And we never stop growing up, we just grow in age. When you hear someones, child or adult say “I would like to…”, “I want to”, I wish I could…”, don’t tell them they are too old, not smart, too late in life, or just plain can’t for your reasons; try to be the friend or family member that tells them that “they can accomplish anything they put their mind to it”.  Let them tell you their dreams, no matter how ridiculous they are. The harder it is to not laugh of their dreams, the more you ought to respect it and support them. There are plenty of human beings that have made it today after many told them they couldn’t. All it took was one person that said “Good for you!” and “You can”.


 The apple can fall close to the tree, but the seed can be taken miles away by something other.

The apple can fall farther from the tree.How?

The larger the tree grows, the farther an apple falls.

Can it fall from the tree, ofcourse.

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