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I am here in class for Server 2008, which is extremely boring and inandated with information. So I cannot deviate and I need to focus, but someone mentions Dilbert and where do I go? Right to the page  that cracked me up and reminded me more that we don’t really grow up. That our childlike persona is still there year after year, putting images of funnies in our mind. I think this is why I see seniors laughing by themselves sometimes, and they are alone.  

We have people that come into our office and say the most tempting things, phrases that leave you with the feeling of wanting to test it for yourself when they beg and make a ridiculous, dramatic comment. And I mean when they beg for help they use words  like ” I can’t stand it? “, I ask “how bad?”, “This is so terrible, I am going to poke my eye out?”, and I ask “How will you get home?”, or “MY brain is about to burst if I hear [be proactive not reactive] again”. And guess what? Yes, I would be that person from over the cubicle wall that would say it, and then run. Partly, like a child, I want to see their reaction. I just wanna see if its true. And the other part of me wants to show them that no they won’t loose it, poke their eye out, or that grey matter won’t spill out their ears.

So get up, walk around the building, or do some stretches. Then, read some Dilbert. 🙂  

Here is todays Dilbert for your enjoyment from Dilbert.com.



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I have an alter-ego, that is developing for years now. She doesn’t  know what she wants, so I give her a pen and she is happy to write, for now. First, she wanted to just do, with no real direction, like a clumsy waggy-tailed puppy, randomly lying down to hop up and lick your face, and then play with a rubber hamburger. Content beyond her tail can express.

 She keeps bringing up this kids book idea, of telling stories, but then she wants to draw or paint or make something to show her perspective of identity. So like a child asking “is it my birthday yet?” she asks about her book.  And every time I have to tell her “not now!” Like if I am on the phone or just walking in the house with my hands full of groceries. And she won’t let up. So I will have to think of something soon.

Thinking of a pen name is not happening as quickly as I thought either. It reminds me about trying to figure out if I wanted to use my husbands last name or mine legally. I say it out loud and I write it, like a little girl practicing her latest crush in a heart “maggie “hearts” Pete”.

It’s interesting (the most horrifying comment made by a teacher that reads your latest essay) where our lives take us. It could be by way of the sweat off your brow, by the seat of your pants, or by way of a breeze. So it could be that you just ended up in that segment of your life via passive ebb or flow. Some of work hard at it just to find out that it’s not all it was “cracked up” to be.  And some of us just have the fortune of being discovered.  🙂

I am saying it out loud now, so that it’s not a secret anymore. Am not a writer I just play one on the World Wide Web.

Blessings to all!

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