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I remember a time my in-laws and I went to a restaurant that we will call “the Naked Plate” (it’s close the name).

Nice cuban food restaurant that really served their ethnic style food with appropriate servings. When you think about it we americans are too used to eating way too much or getting heaping mounds of food when we eat out. It’s a real problem disguised in the price. Hence the name.

Moving forward, they did have delicious food. I had an interesting dessert which was a flash fried banana, flan, and other neat entrees. And I took my in-laws for a special occasion. And when it came to the time to order and Al could not decide on what to order he simply asked the waitress, “Do you have eh…chicken chest?” The waitress simply closed her eyes and when she opened them they looked crossed. I don’t blame her. She was confused since she had to process the words, and all of us just started to laugh and re-request what he was “speaking through a flower”. We said “Chicken Breast, he would like something that would have chicken breast.”

Thank you again Al for giving us a new way to enjoy language, and to practice listening skills.


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There are times that I miss being in Puerto Rico. Especially, when I realize my children aren’t speaking to me in spanish. So I speak to them in spanish, right? But it bugs me when they don’t understand and then I have to say it in English. So I know all the sayings that run through my head in spanish would be wasted on them and more on my husband. Thank goodness now and then he humors me when I do say it in spanish and he says “ok now in english that is…”. Although he tries to relate, some of it gets lost in translation.  

There are jokes, and common comments, or sayings that we call “Dichos” pronounce “DeeChos”. The one that cracked me up this week was “Esta mas perdido que un juey visco”. If you are Puerto Rican it would be understood that the phrase “S/he is more lost than a cross-eyed crab” that the person is very lost, and it could be in the sense that they are confused. But mostly lost. And you will chuckle a bit. But the kicker was trying to repeat it accurately. Well, I have figured out that the screw ups I make with American English sayings, I do it as well in Spanish.  I said “esta como un juey visco!” He is like a cross-eyed crab.  Which indicates it’s more of a physical nature than figuratively. The question is- are they laughing because the phrase was understood, or are they laughing because I screwed it up?

If you repeat the phrase– don’t screw it up more. Because worse is repeating it inaccurately to a blind person, like I did.  

Paz afuera! 🙂

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Hey World!

This week I am rediscovering what positive thinking is. And I realized that it’s not about wishful thinking. I heard someone compare wishful thinking to standing outside by your garden and closing your eyes and saying “there are no weeds, there are no weeds, there are no weeds…” That isn’t what I mean. I mean believe in the good possibilties. Be aware of the bad ones, but believe in the good. Things are going to happen, and your belief level may get a kick in the teeth from time to time by negative thoughts that to me are like tabloid headlines. What we must do is, keep walking and not give it the importance you think it needs.

Example story. This past weekend I had a scare with my 2 year old.  Without providing too many details, my little guy grabbed the last of the cough syrup and drank it. Luckily it wasn’t alot. But it was enough to have the hospital sedate him and flighted him to Pediatric ICU to watch him overnite. So as you see, we can be tested in the most challenging times in our lives.  He woke up the next day happy with all the attention he was getting from all the cute nurses. I am glad that my baby is well. God Bless him and all of our families, yours and mine. I am grateful for what we already have, because it certainly is good enough. Well, I was feeling better again, and in a learning hospital or big hospitals, there are many student doctors coming in, nurses checking on him, a social worker that follows up with you (they do this with all children overdoses), and 4 more doctors do their rounds and talk to you, and each and everyone of them are simply reminding you of the obvious “keep dangerous things locked and away from children”. But every now and then, there is this little thought that pops in saying negative things, such as “Why did it happen? I can’t believe I let this happen” and “who the hell does she think she is talking to ME that way?”  and even a thought that you aren’t a good parent. Well its all bullswax, and tabloids. Even nature has it’s mistakes, it cannot be perfect 100% of the time. And it must move on and not dwell on it.

I am lately having  an impulse of gratefulness. And I want to share the following with you. 

Keep believing in the good energy of this world and how it can benefit you. Thanking the lord, Jehovah, buddha, your Gods, the trees, the sun, the wind, or Yourself, it doesn’t matter! Be grateful for the experience. Just be thankful for your biological, non-biological family, or your community family. Because you’ve been blessed with a better scenario of life than the scenario we are afraid of in our minds.  We worry uselessly about these scary scenarios that sometimes don’t even happen.

Negative energy can paralyze you from reaching your dreams and goals and they can paralyze and drain the energy out of those around you whether you care about them or not. If you think you aren’t “projecting”, wake up and smell the toast burning! It’s too much negative energy that can cause you to be sick. This is when your energy is lowest and your body is stressed. Have you ever heard of someone getting so sick from working too much, or worrying too much? Well this is what I mean. There are medical terms for everything!You are giving your body a command, just like a computer. You are harming your body by choosing to be unhappy, or allowing yourself to stay unhappy. In that down state you can protect your body, and you allow the dormant bad DNA that is within you to be activated. And whether you believe it , know it, or not someone cares or values you too much to see you get sick.

You have been a very good example to someone in your life. It may have been with regards to perseverance, values, your actions, strength and faith in what you believe, meaning believing that you can do it. Because otherwise you would not have made it this far in this life of yours.

Don’t believe the bullhockey lies that pop in your head. Think of it as walking by the newsstand, and noticing the covers of the tabloid magazines.  There are key words and sentences, messages that stand out, right? Well, those are the negative thoughts in your head. Believe they are lies, and know that you can see yourself excelling. Close your eyes and VISUALIZE yourself bigger and better, emotionally intelligent, calm, graceful and fortunate with abundance. Because you believe it is true. And do it for you. Because you do love yourself and value yourself  as much as your God values you, which is bigger than this Universe.

 Recommendation for down times:

– Do excercise

– Drink water

– Go to the library and borrow a funny book, audiobook or movie.

– Go to a supportive positive family or friends house.

– Go to a fun group event.

– Do a good deed, such as volunteer work helping other beings.

– Work on a hobby.

– See a Doctor.

Don’t:  Get Sloshed, High, or hurt yourself or other beings.


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Why is advice given? Advice is given to coach us along in times that we may need to learn something (even when we feel we don’t need to learn anything cuz we are just having fun, right?), to avoid danger, to guide us to the right path, help us understand the meaning of things, and to support us. It is usually for “the greater good”.
I have seen young girls, boys, men and women that get upset with their mothers or fathers, teachers, co-workers, or life coaches for unwanted or unsolicited advice. Mind you there are a few people out there that aren’t qualified, but that will be another blog, lol. But there are different times in our life that we will receive “unwanted advice”.

Whether you are 13 + years old, a freshman in college, a graduate of college, a new mom/dad, a new worker, anew homeowner, a new landlord, etc. There is always someone there to give you advice. When does it become people telling you what to do? Think about it?…
Did you really think about it, or did you keep reading? I think that little test there that I just did, should start us on our own self-discovery of whether we are “coachable”. I had a teacher that once told me “we are never 100% independent, never!” I remember, being blank at that time, and simply listening to what he had to say, I thought about the following, it is true no matter what we do we are never independent because in order to exist we must co-exist. We cannot even survive 7 days without water. We need to learn how to exist, and live take care of ourselves, do things ourselves, and sometimes teach another to learn. And sometimes we need to self-analyze and self-discover in order to move on to the next level, the next segment of our lives.
Can you move on to the next level with out learning about a segment in your life? Yes, you can, but how many times will you find yourself, in the same lesson? is it deja vu? Hm… Maybe it’s not your imagination? The life is waiting for you to move on, your mind knows that this subject this “peg” has come up in another segment in your life? How many times do we have to do the wrong thing, over and over to get the “aha!” moment. How many times do we play the same game over and over, and ignore the rules, the way to get an extra life, to the potion, to increase a life span? As any kid will say “Now that I know that, I won’t do that again”. And the move on to the next level of the game, because they said those powerful words.
I am an adult now, but am I mature? I have many different experiences, and I know I CAN improve on something. I always say thank you because I know that person that gave me the unsolicited advice means well for me, they are sharing their wisdom. They are sharing their experience of their life, I take the dynamics into account. I also take the source into account.
I was recently in a class, and I found my peer a bit annoying, guess what? I was stuck and angry. He gladly came over as he saw my frustration, and I kept my mouth from saying harmful things, I with great reluctance allowed him to guide me through the exercise, and he, even with his old fashion ways unintentionally helped me realize that I needed to slow down and go step by step, be aware of my surroundings, and use old fashion methods to solve my issue. So, no matter how much more I knew, and all the short-cuts I can use to get where he wanted me to go to resolve the problem, I learned where I missed a step. And how to avoid it in the future. And I was grateful. Because I was humbled. Because I don’t know everything, and he was there for me, as a friend, someone he only knew for 5 days.
I try to be a better listener every day, no matter how crazy someone may sound, disconnected with “my world”, no matter how old they are, or even how young they are, I thank them for the input. And I make an effort to say “Thank you for your support”.

Be well, and be kind to one another.

Your feedback is welcome.

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