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You COULD be Puerto Rican but you definately know you are a Boricua if you know and experienced the Boriquen food, sounds and semantics.
It’s funny anywhere you go and meet a Puerto Rican it is definately an experience, but it is definately an experience of joy when they don’t embarrass you. It is funny because there are many phrases and you will be taken back in time to a good memory and say “Ay,Bendito”. Or you will be trying to get as far as possible from the situation.

Puerto Ricans are misunderstood, I think. We were basically “adopted” by the USA. We are part of the American family, yet we are treated sometimes like we are the cousins that have overstayed their welcome. The latter, is for the cerebrally challenged that claim they know it all. I beg to differ no matter how smart they are. 🙂

Funny story, I used to work in a technical company and these employees pride themselves on their education. As they should, but some are overdoers in this segment. There was this one individual, (never undersestimate the power of a fool) that had what I call “Only child syndrome”, he had no siblings. So everything was “me, me,. me”). And he boasted about everything in his life, but mostly how awesome he was. One day he says, “Oh I wish I knew you were here, because I needed someone to translate Puerto Rican for me…” Everything else that came out of his mouth was “blah, blah, blah…” to me because I enjoyed how stupid he sounded. Needless to say, I explained that we are a spanish speaking Island. So don’t get angry, enjoy those little moments of their ignorance. 🙂 It is even funnier when you hear someone chuckling, just behind the cubicle wall.
A good place to go to learn more about the history of Puerto Rico, is to the Smithsonian in NY. Educate yourself.

Ok here is a little funny that was shared with me by my friend. Forgive me if the jokes are lost in translation. You do need to be or know a Puerto Rican, or know Puerto Ricanisms to have experienced the following.


The Puerto Rican Test


* Si todo lo bueno es “chévere”
* Si a cada rato dices “¡Ay, bendito!”
* Si sabes lo que es una “pisicorre”
* Si te refieres al frío intenso como “un frío pelú”
* Si tú carro tiene “bompels,” “mofle,””estaltel”, “espoilel”,”guaipel” y”cloche”
* Si cuando te da hambre, te sientes “esmayao”
* Si le pides la bendición a tu papá y/o mamá al saludarlos
* Si llevaste tu merienda a la escuela en una lonchera”
* Si has hecho o volado “chiringas” o si sabes lo que es una “jalda”
* Si sabes que “fogón” es otro nombre para el horno, pero que”enfogonao”es estar bien molesto
* Si sabes: La diferencia entre el chicharrón “volao” y el chicharrón”del pais”
* La diferencia entre el “pan de agua” y el “pan sobao”
* Lo que es “apestillarse” y tener un “coco” con alguien
* Lo que son las “arañitas”
* Que La velocidad se mide en millas, la distancia en kilómetros, los solares en metros, las fincas en cuerdas, la estatura y las
casas en pies y pulgadas, la temperatura exterior en grados Fahrenheit, pero la fiebre en centígrados.
* Que la yerba mala nunca muere.
* Si te refieres a lo difícil como “un tostón” o que “no es cáscara de coco”
* Si has bailado “en una “loseta” en un “pari” de marquesina
* Si te han dado baños de alcoholado pa’ bajarte la fiebre
* Si corriste “velocípedo” cuando chiquito
* Si a los zapatos grandes y feos los consideras “bodrogos”
* Si cuando te bañas, estas “esnú”
* Si usas “chancletas” o si alguna vez te dieron un “chancletazo”
* Si te “eñangotas” para bajarte
* Si llamas a todo el mundo “nene” o “nena”, o te han llamado “mi’jo” alguna vez.
* Si creciste con temor al “cuco”
* Si te dicen que bajes la voz cuando crees que estas hablando normalmente.
* Si solamente comes sorullos con “salsita” de mayonesa, ketchup y unas gotitas de limón.
* Si comes los pasteles de plátano o guineo con “ketchup
* Si para ti TODOS los cereales son “conflei”, todos los pañales son “Pampers”, TODAS las licuadoras son “osterizers”, todas las
toallas sanitarias son “kotex'”
* Si te refieres al calzado deportivo como “las tenis”
* Si tienes por lo menos 30 primos
* Si te gustan los pilones de ajonjolí o las paletas azucaradas en forma de gallinita.
* Si le dices “fiebrú” a los aficionados a las carreras de carros
* Si dices que una persona entusiasmada con algo “está entregao”
* Si te has comido un “limbel” o un “esquimalito”
* Si el Icee, el Kooly y el Frozen son lo mismo para ti
* Si en algún momento antes de llenar el tanque, has corrido el carro “con la peste a gasolina”
* Si vas por la carretera y te encuentras con un “tapón de madre” y cuando pasas por el área resulta ser que es un simple carro “queda’o” y
un chorro de averiguaos”

* Si has oído decir a tú hermana o tú prima que “llegó doña Juana”

* Si cuando tu avión aterriza te dan ganas de aplaudir o lo haces bien bajito
* Si te han visto la mancha de plátano
* Si sabes lo que es un “manganzón”
* Si alguna vez tuviste un “chihuahua”
* Si no comes arroz con habichuelas, no has comido
* Si la maestra se llama “missy”
* Si el dueño del colmado se llama Don Fulano
* Si alguna vez te paraste a la orilla de la autopista para comer comida hecha en casa que llevas en el baúl del carro.
* Si llevas “calderos” a la playa



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Hands full of thoughts

Peace, Love, Faith, Believe and Hope

Recently, I was listening to a book, by Jerry and Esther Hicks. This is what today brought thought.



Sense of self.

Selfish? Not in a negative..

What brings you joy?

Seeking joy is positive. It is possible some only believe that seeking joy is said by a “them” or “they. We ought to ask ourselves “Is this what I want?” If Yes, why should it be what “they say”? Most of this I ponder, if it is part of the law of parenting. We bring a child into the world and we commit to that obligation of raising them. Therefore the child is taught by us, and there begins the segments in our lives and theirs.
Seeking joy is going to bring you to what you want. Seeing it in joy, and not want, is even more precious.

You are in charge of what you want. And you allow yourself to want to that they say you should want. Is what “they say” a great variable? Define what you want, and understand the laws to apply them to get it. You be that what you are wanted to be, and harmoniously allowing others to do what they are wanting to be.

You cannot create in the experience of another, only your own. Set the example of joy. Be an example of joy.

Continue to seek joy yourself, to set that example, and allow others to do the same, to seek joy of themselves. When you are an allower- you are feeling joy and experience the joy of all. You won’t be threatened by others because you don’t pay attention to that negative thought.


“I am, “wanting” to attract those who are in harmony with me”
“I am a growth staking being.”
“I am!”


~La Frau~

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Welcome to my blog, Puerto Rican Movers. Puerto Rican Movers is so not what you may think it is. We are not modern gypsies! These words were iterated by a New Yorker in the middle of the night, with no rhyme or reason, which changed our families views of what is “perceived” and what is “real”. Bullying is not cool or right, so I share with you our way to disempower them today.

The Story
In the late 1970’s, my father was moving because my parents separating for the 1st time. So here we are my father, my siblings, and I walking at night with my dads personal stuff from his studio, back home in a shopping cart. We were in what I believe was Fairview, a german neighborhood in Brooklyn, N.Y. Picture this…My dad is not the ordinary hispanic looking man. He is fair skinned and he has beautiful ocean green eyes. He actually looks irish or italian. He sort of looked back then like Ray Liotta. Moving forward, due to the fact that my Dad is legally blind he could not drive and after using taxis to move the bigger stuff, he decided to put the remaining items in shopping cart and walk with us to the studio.

Ridgewood, NY

To make it short, there was a lady assisting this man that was drunk, he obviously needed help home. And he started saying some derogatory comments to us. He had to have recognized my dad from parent pickup at P.S. 88, because otherwise how else could he have known we were Puerto Rican in such a big city. Anyway, it wasn’t much my dad said back to him without swears (my dads style), and then all I remember was the drunk guy yelled out “You Puerto Rican Movers”. It was so loud it echoed in the quiet night. *Imaginary Tires sreech* we all looked at each other and laughed. Well, that was stupid. Since then, it has been a family reference for ignorance. I mean how stupid is being a hater without a cause. Even if it was a cause, it is nonsensical. What good would it do to hate, a misdirected emotion. And if you don’t know how to understand and manage that emotion you are of no good to society. So every now and then, you will hear this reference, but used as non-harmful way. Today we, the Puerto Rican Movers, don’t let ignorant people get to us. Instead we observe and report the obvious and laugh if it has something funny in it.

Keep in mind, the goal will be to hold a positive view to reflect on. I wish in this new year, 2011, this blog has something for you to marinate in and have some food for thought. Your positive comments are welcome. I endeavor to provide laughter, smiles, and positive thinking. Because laughter creates endorphines. Endorphines create happiness, and happy people do not have a bad attitude. I hope life brings you a new and positive attraction that will help you live life to its fullest. Pay it forward!


La Frau
(The American Puerto Rican Married to a German)

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